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Special Interest Groups - Courses for kids age 9 - 14

Course details on weekly classes for kids age 4 - 9:

The weekly curriculum uses a hands-on approach with a focus on children mastering the use of the computer by creating practical projects using a variety of computer application softwares. The computer mastery skills taught include:

  • Word Processing
  • Graphics
  • Databases
  • Multimedia
  • Spreadsheets
  • Operating Environment
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Applied Technology
  • Programming
  • Telecommunications/Internet

    -->Click here for definition of the 10 Technologies Area

    The curriculum is comprised of 5 eight-week units. Each unit has a unique theme. The themes are selected to provide an interesting backdrop for teaching children computer skills while, at the same time, providing a level of academic challenge.

    The duration of each lesson is 45mins. Students are required to complete the day's task within 30mins. Thereafter, they will continue with basic skill training. Students from K1 and Nursery will develop their motor skills using interesting softwares like Bailey Book House, Millie Math House, Trudy's Time and Space House etc. Students from K2 will also practice their typing skills and indulge themselve in some of the all age relevant role playing games like Pyjama Sam.

    -->Click here for and overview of the basic skills programme

    At the end of each unit, parents will receive a set of report. The report consists of:

  • Cover page
  • Parent's Letter (overview of the unit)
  • Teacher's feedback (assessment) form
  • Student's works/printouts

    Software used for K1 & Nursery:

  • Print Artist
  • KidPix Studio
  • The Cruncher
  • Table Top Junior
  • StoryBook Weaver

    -->click here for and overview of the software used

    Software used for K2:

  • KidPix Studio
  • Table Top Junior
  • MS PowerPoint/OpenOffice.Org Impress
  • MS Excel/OpenOffice.Org Calc
  • MS Word/OpenOffice.Org Writer

    Software used for Age 7 to 9:

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS Publisher
  • MS Access

    For course schedules and charges at schools, please refer to the respective school's coordinator.

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    Courses for kids age 9 - 14:

  • MS Office
  • Web design basic (HTML coding)
  • Web design intermediate (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Flash Animation
  • Game Master (programming)

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