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Research shows that computer-based learning stimulates enthusiasm for learning in any situation and that guided computer use promotes self-confidence and independence in students. The objectives of the FUTUREKIDS program are to:

  • Introduce students to the exciting world of computers and teach computer mastery skills
  • Give teachers the skills and confidence needed to integrate technology into their classrooms
  • Teach students the proper and logical applications of the computer
  • Build confidence in a challenging, learning environment
  • Instill independence and enthusiasm needed to meet new challenges
  • Promote creative thinking strategies
  • Develop fine motor and visual discrimination skills

    The Futurekids curriculum is designed to teach computer mastery skills to children age 4 to 15. Skills are taught using various child oriented themes so as to provide students with practical computer literacy and computer mastery training in a fun-filled environment.

    Why do children need to learn computer skills at a young age?

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