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Computer literacy is as essential and important as reading, writing and numeracy. Learning it and exposure from young will help to establish a strong foundation, which will benefit your child for life. At Futurekids, we believe that computer literacy is associated with the comfort level someone has with the use of given resources (available software and programs).

We aim to teach students IT skills, NOT computer programs. Once our students understand the concepts of the each technology skills, they will be capable of using most computer programs. The following are essential IT Skills that every child should know:

10 technology areas:

  • Applied Technologies
  • Wordprocessing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Programming
  • Multimedia
  • Internet
  • Graphics
  • Databases
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Operating Environment
    We have more than 10 years of experience in conducting computer lessons for kids. The most ideal time period for kids to acquire computer skills is between the age of 4 to 11 years. This is the period when they will not be too burdened with and bogged down by examinations, projects and CCAs. They will be able to pick up these fundamental and essential skills and apply them in their daily lives. These computer skills are especially crucial in assisting them in their schools work and projects later on in life.

    Below is an overview of what a kid can achieve in the field of computer literacy at different levels,
    4 - 6yrs: Kids at this age will be curious and fanscinated by what computers can do. This is the best time to introduce them to the proper use of computers, besides playing games! They will start to learn how to use a mouse pointer, launching programmes, picking up computer jargons like the 10 technology areas and eventually learning the skills. By the age of 6 years old, kids will have sufficient knowledge in skills like worprocessing, graphics, desktop publishing and multimedia. They will be able to create and print a piece of work with text and graphics.
    7 - 8yrs: Kids at this age will continue to improve on their skills. They will reinforce what they have picked up by applying them. By the age of 8, they would be able to work with the basic programs in MS Office or Open Office independantly, including knowing how to create simple tables and charts in the spreadsheets environment. They would be able to research for information on the internet and download information from the world wide web.
    9-11yrs: With a good foundation in computer skills, completing and presenting school projects using MS Office (Open Office) will be a breeze! Kids will be ready to pick up more advance skills. For their next lap of the IT quest, they may move on to learn web design, picking up digital arts, animation and programming.
    12 - 14yrs: Students at this age should be equiped with other useful skills like web design for their school projects. They can deliberately switch from using application softwares like MS Office to web based presentation, using html coding and web animation like Flash movie! For those who have a keen interest in programming, they can continue to develop the skill, and eventually to create their own computer games!
    15 & above: With a strong foundation established, students can start "performing stunt" with their IT skills. It will be one of the most powerful tools that will help them in whatever fields they choose to pursue in school or in life.


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