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Web design basic
Impress the teachers during the school assignment presentation by exhibiting the contents on the World Wide Web!

The students will learn the concept of web design by understanding the basic of HTML coding (Hypertext Markup Language, a language that is used in the creation of webpages). They will use the notepad to write their source code and display the final outcome by the Web browser. They will also upload their completed Web sites on the World Wide Web.

Web design intermediate
To improve on the appeal of the layout of the webpages!

In this Web design course, the students will learn skills needed to create an exciting, impressive Web sites without heavy investment on specialised software. Besides HTML coding, the students will also be introduced to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet, a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language). PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor, a server-side scripting language) is also used to create a dynamic and interactive Web pages.

If you aim to build your personal blogsite or a website to showcase your merchandise, this will be the course that you should not miss.

Flash Animation
To spice up your web presentation! Flash movie is a good choice.

In this course, students will learn how to create Adobe Flash movie and animated Gif images to enhance the appearance of their website. They will create objects using shape tools, inserting text and images. They will then manipulate the objects in their respective layers, inserting sound and design motion to create an impressive short movie clip. They also learn how to create navigation buttons and working with simple ActionScript commands. The result, an engaging website.

Game Master
Make your project stand out from the rest ...by creating your very own web Games!

In this programming module, students will learn the critical thinking and programming skills needed to create exciting web based Game. By using Adobe Flash, one of the top-rated programming interfaces on the market, they will identify the game characters, design the flow of the game, set control object properties and track the scores of the player.


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