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Applied Technology
Applied technology requires users to assess the value of computer applications and to utilize technology to solve real-world problems in appropriate and innovative ways.

A database is a collection of related information in which specific data can be organized and retrieved to draw conclusions and to make decisions.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing turns the computer into an inexpensive production system for creating typeset-quality text and graphics for brochures, magazines, posters and other publications.

In contrast to the difficulty of creating artwork with pencils and paintbrushes, graphics applications allow users to create, modify and print digital images with ease and versatility.

Multimedia is the computer-based method of presenting text, graphics, video, photographs, animation, speech and other sounds interactively to convey mood, to transmit knowledge and to entertain.

Operating Environments
The operating environment is comprised of a computer systemís electronic components, boards, operating system and peripherals. This is the foundation from which software applications are launched and used.

A programming language provides the computer with the instructions that direct the microprocessor what to do. Without these directions, the computer is inert.

Spreadsheet applications, which simulate an accountantís worksheet on-screen, allow users to embed hidden formulas that perform calculations and to convert data into tables, charts and graphs that analyze the information and forecast numerical trends.

Telecommunication peripherals and software connect computers around the world, allowing users to converse with other people and to gather information from the World Wide Web and other global services.

Wordprocessing applications transform the computer into a tool for creating, editing, proofreading, formatting and printing documents such as books, letters, reports and journals.


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